Gerardo Diego


Author Ramón Muriedas.

Queen Victoria Avenue, Santander. (Bronze)

To carry out this public work, commissioned by the City of Santander in honor of his illustrious writer, Ramon Muriedas thought again about the importance of the settlement of the figure. And, in this way, he decided to place the sculpture on the Paseo de Reina Victoria, on a bench facing the sea, absorbed in his thoughts and contemplating, in the background, the beautiful bay. Something that Gerardo Diego used to do in his walks through the Cantabrian city.

In this way, Gerardo Diego would be represented forever in one of those beautiful moments that inspired him so much. A characteristic common to all the sculptural commissions of Ramón Muriedas, in which he had to portray a specific character, is the immense physical resemblance with which he manages to represent the person portrayed. That speaks of his technical expertise and the experience gained throughout his many years of apprenticeship, modeling the clay, doing and undoing, until obtaining the natural “perfect copy”.