Conjunto escultórico para la sede del Boletín Oficial del Estado.


Author Ramón Muriedas

Avenida de Manoteras, Madrid.

The sculptural set for the headquarters of the Official State Gazette corresponds to the stage of maturity in the production of Ramón Muriedas. It represents a father, his son and a dog. The infant is stepping on a snake that in mythology symbolizes knowledge or wisdom. Like all his characters, the dog is modeled with a lot of vitality and is associated with the rest of the characters as one more. The group is placed in a semi circle and looks at the horizon with great expectation.

Like the rest of the public works of Muriedas, it enjoys an excellent location on an elevated pedestal surrounded by trees in a garden area. It has become a symbol for employees who work there who consider it as one more. To access the site, accreditation is required.