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Fuencisla Miguel Muriedas: the presentation of the Home, the articles, “A slight rumor of the sea”, “The Form of Magical Realism” and the reviews of public works: The mother of the Emigrant, Neptune Child, Leonardo Torres-Quevedo and Gerardo Diego . Any reproduction, copying or modification right requires your authorization.

Ramón de Muriedas Senarega: the rest of contents and the selection of photographic, artistic and catalog materials. Any right of reproduction, copy or modification requires your authorization.

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Antonio Lopez García
Julio López Hernández
Francisco Calvo Serraller
Álvaro Martínez- Novillo
José Hierro
José Antonio Fernández-Ordoñez
Alvaro Pombo Garcia de los Ríos
Juna Benet Goitia
Julio Caro Baroja
Manuel Mújica Láinez
Giorgio Segato
Csorba Geza
Pablo Serrano Aguilar
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José Antonio Early
Fuencisla by Miguel Muriedas
Jesús González for the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Spain.
Juan Barjola Museum, Gijón.
Museum Art Of Spain, Houston
Mucsarnok Museum, Budapest
Government of Alexandria, Egypt.
Peyronceli Studio
Illustrious College of Roads Channels and Ports
Family Torres-Quevedo
Álvaro Pombo García de los Ríos
National Museum Art Center Reina Sofia
Juan Gris Gallery
House of the XV Century, Segovia.
Artis Gallery Salamanca
Ynguanzo Gallery
The Bosco Gallery
Alfonso XIII Gallery
Gallery Series, Multiple Art.
Juan Silió Gallery
Raquel Ponce Gallery. (Ponce & Robles)
Ministry of Education, Official State Gazette. Madrid.
Ignacio Muñiz
Cultural Association Plaza Porticada
Ramón de Muriedas Senarega

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