Ramón Muriedas, Sculptor

The main objective of this page, which we now present, is to raise awareness and value the figure of this unique artist who created a unique formal language with his work and that was admired and respected by both the specialized critics and the general public. .

Ramón de Muriedas y Mazorra (Villacarriedo 1938-Santander, 2014), popularly known as Ramón Muriedas, was a prestigious sculptor of great transcendence and success in the artistic panorama of his time. It reached its maximum recognition between the decades of the sixties and nineties, becoming a reference during the seventies.

He obtained numerous national and international awards with his work; his work is part of important museums and private collections scattered around the world.

“The earth is very important in my work, the landscape and the rivers, the trees and the flowers, the rocks, that movement of the waves of the sea, the plants stirred by the wind, the whole Nature, inspires me. work is determined by certain literary prejudices, by romantic impulses and, sometimes, by the pure anecdote that I never despise.

I work leaving the clay to its fall allowing it to develop within forms that I decide a little on the fly although I feel the longing, the need to dominate the space on the forms. Many times, I come to sacrifice technique to spontaneity in an attempt to eternalize the intelligent moment, the creative instant.

I think it is fundamental to feel a longing for spiritual perfection, for goodness, for moral equilibrium in order to fully develop sensitivity. “

Ramon Muriedas